Centre cockpit transmission example

(1). The cockpit with the TS300 pedestal with extended guardrail and instrument housing
and the Jefa 1100 mm carbon wheel.

(2). The cockpit floor underneath the pedestal. Via a universal joint the force is
transmitted to the torque tube going down in the machine room.

(3). The bevel gearbox is mounted to the aft bulkhead. Please note the small
dimensions of the drive unit which makes mounting on this position possible.

(4). The bevel gearbox at the other side of the bulkhead driving the torque tube to the
self-aligning flange bearing in the next bulkhead. This is normally the most difficult
part of the routing as there is only a minimal vertical space.

(4). Detail view of the self-aligning flange bearing. The stainless counter plates
are produced by the yard.

(5). From the flange bearing, the routing goes up into the bevel reduction box. Please note
that not every bulkhead crossing has to be done with a flange bearing.

(6). Top view of the BRG10-67 bevel reduction gearbox. Please note the custom
adjustable travel limiter produced by the yard. This is not the rudder stop but
a protection for the steering system.

(7). The tiller arm on the rudder stock. Over the tiller arm the plated rudder stop arrangement to protect the rudder and
steering system and the autopilot rudder feedback unit.