Jefa 270 Quadrants

Jefa radial quadrants
The Jefa radial quadrants are not made from cast-aluminium like most other quadrants in the market place. As most quadrants will also function as rudder stop, one could have enormously high impact loadings. Cast-aluminium is very brittle and could easily break under these circumstances. All Jefa quadrants are fabricated from high strength Aluminium 6082 (AlMgSi1 or Duralumin). This material is enormously strong, whilst retaining high ductility (Jefa Marine produces rudder shafts from this material). This results in an extremely strong quadrant arrangement. The quadrants always have twin high precision CNC milled tracks with deep groove depths and large guide bend radii ensuring a reliable and long lifetime of the cable. The twin track arrangement offers flexibility while installing and adds the possibility crossing the cable between the steering position and quadrant in stead of crossing the cables inside the pedestal.
Two stop surfaces have been integrated in the aft side of the quadrants. When another stop arrangement is required, we can weld one or two stop blocks on a position of your choice. An optional autopilot arm can be welded underneath the quadrant or pointing aft at the quadrant boss. Please click on the picture for a larger view.
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Jefa 270 radial quadrants

Part No.


Price in Euro


radial quadrant R=150, maximum bore size = 75 mm.



radial quadrant R=200, maximum bore size = 100 mm.



radial quadrant R=250, maximum bore size = 100 mm.



radial quadrant R=300, maximum bore size = 125 mm.



radial quadrant R=350, maximum bore size = 125 mm.



radial quadrant R=400, maximum bore size = 150 mm.



radial quadrant R=450, maximum bore size = 150 mm.



bore and key quadrant to customers dimensions



surcharge for additional rudder stop blocks



surcharge for additional autopilot arm connected to quadrant


Quadrant specification form
Please click this to open the 270 quadrant specification form in Adobe PDF. This is a great help to specify a quadrant.

Please don't try to fill in this form in your browser. First save it to your hard disk and open it with Adobe Acrobat. Fill in all the fields, then save it and mail it to us.

Autopilot connection:

The best way to add an autopilot connection to the quadrant is an additional autopilot arm welded to the boss.
Please note the above picture shows the 80 quadrant and not the 270 version.

Special shaft connections:

Quadrants for carbon rudder stocks need a profile in stead of a round hole.
We can adjust each quadrant to suit your needs.

Quadrants for carbon rudder stocks need a profile in stead of a round hole.
We can adjust each quadrant to suit your needs