WP700 pedestal concept

The WP700 race pedestal.
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The WP700 pedestal solution is Jefa's answer to the demand for a strong, light and affordable pedestal for the growing number of twin wheel steered boats. The pedestal is completely made of high strength aluminium 6082. To protect the pedestal against the tough environment it’s alochromed (chromate conversion coating) and after that powder coated resulting in an long lasting finish. This build method results in a relatively low weight (5.5 Kgs) and a very strong, stiff and durable construction. Due to a very flexible build method, the pedestal angle and height are variable. Please click on the pictures for a larger view.
General measurements

WP700 pedestal with black GRP wheels

Price overview

Jefa WP700 racing pedestals

Part No.


Price in Euro

WP700-11 WP700 racing pedestal with 11 teeth 5/8" st.st. sprocket € 1.611

WP700 racing pedestal with 13 teeth 5/8" st.st. sprocket

€ 1.611

WP700 racing pedestal with 15 teeth 5/8" st.st. sprocket

€ 1.611

WP700 racing pedestal with 17 teeth 5/8" st.st. sprocket

€ 1.611
The WP700 racing pedestal ordering options are: Height (660 mm standard), Angle (0°-20°) and color (white or black).

The top of the pedestal is welded on the pedestal base, so one should accept a small weld being visible.

Example of the WP700 pedestal

WP700 pedestal on the Azuree 46